ChemMaths 17.3

Perform various Chemistry, Math and Engineering tasks and calculation
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See the periodic table, check out detailed information about more than 3,000 chemical compounds and get predictions regarding the properties of specified chemical compounds. The tool also solves a wide variety of mechanical, electrical or chemical equations.

ChemMaths is a multifunctional application that includes a wide list of tools related to chemistry, physics, and mathematics with the advantage that it requires only a few MB of disk space and RAM. The functions included are many. For example, you can obtain information and make calculations about the properties of elements, compounds, solid, liquid, gases, and more. You can solve equations, e.g. stress, pressure, heat transfer, condensers, physics (motion, force, energy, torque), mathematics (derivates, series, Laplace-Trans), and more. You can solve problem situations about work, heat, mass flow, heat conduction, physics, and chemistry.

The program includes a graphical chemical designer that allows you to graphically arrange and insert elements and structures. It includes a scientific calculator which contains a big list of constants to solve complex equations. You can make unit conversions, graph operations, and use some Excel spreadsheet templates for costing, piping, and heat transfer calculations.

If you get confused about the meaning of a symbol, you can open the Symbols Help and you will find information about their use and description.

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  • Multifunctional tools related to chemistry, physics, and mathematics
  • It includes Symbols help to find all the symbols, their usage, and their description


  • Trial version can be used only for 30 days or can be opened 20 times
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